Our Advantages

Strategies that are designed to deliver value straight to our client’s bottom line

Delivering results whilst delighting your customers.

Engagement is key for us

We have a thorough understanding of customer engagement – we can positively help change customer behaviour.

We create and deliver Bespoke Solutions

MLP create solutions which provide your customers with exclusive incentives and promotions to meet any brief. We also provide fulfilment, web/mobile and contact centre support for your campaigns, making things easy for you.

Exclusive retained partnerships

MLP are retained by a number of ”best-of-breed‟ brands to manage their partner relations, meaning we can offer exclusive benefits and discounts across a number of sectors.

Multichannel capabilities

In terms of technical capabilities we have in-house graphic designers and a fully serviced creative studio, digital media and website and app development expertise and a dedicated affinity marketing division plus a print and fulfilment team.

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About Us

MLP are an independent marketing agency, based just outside Manchester. We call ourselves THE engagement agency – Why? Because we deliver insight and research driven multi-channel marketing campaigns that increase sales, retention and advocacy through customer engagement.

Our ethos – delighting customers delivering results

Our ethos is to deliver results whilst delighting customers (of our clients). MLP works with well-known brands in the financial services, telecoms and retail sectors and we specialise in customer engagement: We are not in the business of “one size fits all”, so whether you require a short term tactical solution to boost sales, or a full CRM strategy to maximise the life time value of your customers, we can devise a tailored solution.

Partnership is key

The “Partnership” bit of our name is the most important part of our business. Partnership underpins everything we do, as a team, with our affiliates and our clients. We work together, investing time to understand a client’s individual client’s business requirements and research their market place.

Our family of professionals

It may sound a bit cliché but MLP has a family feel. Most of our staff have been with us since the beginning of the agency – we fight over the bathroom, we bicker over who’s turn it is to empty the dishwasher but most importantly we all pull together when something has to be done (for our clients!)

We actively encourage our people to try out different roles within the agency to get a full understanding of each other’s roles and have developed some amazing home grown talent.

Between us we have a huge breadth of experience, both agency and client-side, across a range of sectors including financial, retail, automotive, leisure and travel.

Too many colleagues to list here so a handful of heads who drive the agency, the departments and maintain the creative culture that forms the foundation of our 30 plus team.

  • Chris Paterson
    Managing Partner
  • John Nolan
    Partner / Compliance
    and Procurement Director
  • Simon Jamieson
    Services Director
  • Ritchie Mehta
    Managing Partner CRM & Loyalty
  • Sarah Constantine
    Account Director
  • Natalie Skarratt
    Account Director
  • Tony Diver
    Compliance & Office
  • Kate Wynne
    Account Manager
  • Joanne Sutcliffe
    Product Development Manager
  • Lauren Steele
    Product Development
  • Georgina Wynne
    Account Executive
  • Sarah Jane Bowden
    Account Executive
  • Sarah Blake
    Customer Services Manager
  • Emma Jackson
    Fulfilment and Contact Centre Manager
  • Roy Arden (Benni)
    Studio and Creative
  • Stephen Sutcliffe (Trecky)
    Lead I.T. and Web Development
  • Peter Shillito
    I.T. and Web Development Manager