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Luck is not as random as you think. Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it.

Vera Nazarian


Competitions are certainly not the answer to every marketing challenge, but they should be part of any marketer’s toolkit. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Competitions Are a Great Tool for Building Your Fan Base on FB, Twitter and Linked in – A basic enter-to-win sweepstake with a lower entry barrier often provides the best option and  can drive thousands of ‘likes’ in a matter of days.
  2. Competitions Enable You To Engage Your Audience - In addition to increasing the sheer number of people who interact with your brand, a competition provides a means to deepen the connection as well. A user-generated content (UGC) promotion such as a photo or video contest is a great way to do just that.
  3. Competitions Are a Rich Source of Data – With the lure of a prize, many people are prepared to share information with you as part of the entry process. You don’t want to introduce too many barriers, but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn a bit more about your consumers (i.e. how they heard about your promotion, what their favourite product of yours is, etc.) too.
  4. Competitions Empower Consumers To Do Your Marketing For You – Thanks to sharing via social media, competitions today enable an amplification of your marketing message that was not previously possible.