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The smartphone revolution is under-hyped, more people have access to phones than access to running water. We’ve never had anything like this before since the beginning of the planet.

Marc Andreessen

Mobile Engagement

  • The world is going mobile at a phenomenal rate.
  • Projections are that 2/3rds of all internet traffic will be via mobile devices by 2016.
  • If you do not have a mobile presence, 66% of consumers accessing the internet will never see your message.

As a nation, we are addicted to smartphones. According to Ofcom:

  • The UK is Europe’s leading market for smartphones.
  • Over 50% of us now own a smartphone and 37% of adults and 60% teenagers are ‘highly addicted’.
  • 81% of people who own a smartphone have it switched on all the time.

The technology exists now and now is the time to do something about your mobile strategy.

MLP is dedicated to helping you plan and deliver your mobile strategy.

A mobile app is designed to empower your customers, sales agents and employees and whilst many companies still regard an App as a ‘Cool’ nice to have luxury, the true definition of what is cool is actually starting to be measured by the return on the bottom line.